Thursday, March 23, 2006

Procrastination and Bad Spelling

Yes I'm procrastinating study while I write this but it's not like you never did it when you were in school? You didn't? Freak.

- One of my club mates got knocked unconscious last night during a game after he feel over his own feet. My brother, thinking he was just kidding, poked him in the head. He was out cold. Very not kidding.

- Atlanta have slid into 8th spot in the East, one point ahead of Montreal who have a game in hand with i think 12? games to go. I'm cheering for Atlanta to make it because while I don't mind the Habs, I'd really love to see the Thrasher's make the playoffs for the first time. To do this though Ilya Kovalchuk really needs to come out with all gun's blazing around about now, if they want to stand a chance. Same applies for Kozlov and Savard. In a side note if Lehtonen though keeps going the way he is then by the time the playoffs come around he could be red hot.

- Props to the entire NHL and TPS for their pink stick promotion. I know I'd be know where in hockey, never have started, never have got the chances i have, played as much as i have, have the gear i have all of that if it wasn't for my mother the wonderful women she is. She's always at both my brother and my games and rarely objects to hauling us all over the country for games and tournaments. THANK YOU MUM! Thank you to all hockey mums!

- Pink sticks are the bomb. See the Mission Pink M1's

- Brad Boyes got his first Career Hat trick. Please note this Mr Bergeron. Your turn is soon. PBerg reached 100 points for his career this week as well and Hal Gill got his first goal for the season (which i didn't realise until a friend told me and made me laugh way to hard).

- Ex Bruin Jumbo Joe reached 100 points for the season and was last spotted soaking up the sun in San Jose and laughing his ass off at Mike O'Connell. I would be too.

I'd have more to say but i need to go find some ice for my goalie knees.