Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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I've been AWOL for the best part of a year because of the whole graduation, year 12 deal. Now though I'm graduated and i've got a lot of time so
t.ada. Hockey time!

Boston V Toronto

Fourth of their 8 meetings this year and I'm totally psyched. I love these match ups. There's a lot of guys on both teams who
have things to prove to the other. Hal Gill, is completely loved (Or so the media portrays it) in Toronto, a change from the whipping boy
status he had in Boston. Andrew Raycroft is out doing pretty damn good, already racking up more wins so far this season than he did for the whole of last season, the season that caused Boston to ship him on out. Finally Brad Boyes probably has a few things to prove as well, as not only was he drafted by Toronto (ending up in Boston Via a few season in San Jose after the Leafs shipped him out with Alyn Mccauley for Owen Nolan) but he was born and raised in Mississuaga. As well he's trying to keep himself on the first line as not only has he struggled for goals this season, notching his fourth? the first in nearly 9 games on Saturday night, he was also momentarily demoted to the skating with the third line.
Oh and Alex Steen. It's about time you started scoring. Please?

Atlanta V Rangers

Battle of the Big Stars tonight on Broadway. The top 3 scorers in the NHL are on these two teams with Brendan Shanahan coming up against Hossa and Kovalchuk. Throw in Michael Nylander, currently ranking 4th in points and you've got a lot of players jostling for position and a game that will either have a lot of fire and scoring or one that could be mildly uninteresting depending how much Atlanta want the win, considering their play of late. The question is.. who gets the start? Lehtonen or Hedberg?.

There's a few other games that I'll keep my eyes on, the sharkies and the sens games but right now? It's sleeptime over here as it's pushing on 2 am and as much as I'd love finish listening to NHL Live, sleep beckons. Somehow my brother's still up, and he has school soon.

Oh and.

Someone, anyone, LIGHT a Fire under Mark Bell's ass because they traded their highest scoring D Man to Ottawa for someone who hasn't produced. I've read a lot about his dependancy on his linemates to help him produce and with Cheech out and JT struggling, it's really coming to light. But yes. Fire. Underneath. Mark Bell. anyone?

In the oh so amusing words of my friend.

Lyndelle (Melbourne, Australia): Hey Mark Bell - You are amazingly good-looking. Do you think you are used as example no. 1 when people are trying to prove that you can't have looks AND talent?

Angry sharks fan much? *amused*

Cioa now.