Thursday, January 31, 2008

From a Boston Herald Article

It appears Patrice Bergeron’s chance of playing again this season dwindled almost to nil, and some teammates privately question whether the center will be ready at the start of next season.

Besides the part of my brain that goes... oihfdaoish Bergy. (Being the card carrying Biggest Bergeron geek anywhere outside of Boston) what I want to know is.

How does this journalist know the private thoughts of the Boston Bruins players to report such questions? If he does, why does he not share more thoughts? Like Phil Kessel's favourite method of getting his shaggy hair cat (hedge clippers)? Can Zdeno Chara touch his toes? And what does Wacey Rabbitt actually think of his name? (My bets on him being kinda pissed off at his parents for it).

But if in fact he doesn't know their private thoughs, as I suspect he doesn't because they are in fact private and he is in fact probably not a mind reader (if he was he would have known such thoughts and doubts were private because they were not in fact intended to be aired in public) then why does he report it as such when it is clearly NOT TRUE.

*stays true to the bergy love*

Saturday, November 03, 2007

how about i smack you in the face and see if you like it, eh?

Originally posted earlier this week in HLOG

As the former Bruins now General hockey girl around hlog, and the southern hemisphere’s and one of hockey’s biggest Bergeron fans I feel it is my job, duty, neigh OBLIGATION to give my thoughts and all that on the Bergeron hit.

Waking up on a Sunday morning to your best friend texting you to say Bergeron’s been hit from behind and had been taken from the game unconscious is one of the worst things. It sucks in so many ways that are completely… Shit. Can I say that here, Jordi? Maybe not. I’ll keep my language in check.

First things first.

I do not believe Randy Jones to be a dirty player.

I do not believe the HIT to be exceptionally dirty in the style of Jesse Boulrice and Steve Downie, those other two fine examples of what Philly (who I LIKED until they traded JONI (who I liked for a reason I have never understood) is currently producing.

I do believe it was a dirty hit, I do believe it should be punished even if only to educate players about making a the RIGHT decision in the second they have to pull out of such hits. Andy Ference ( a foutain of wisdom it seems in this situation) raised a good point on the Bergeron hit after the game.

In the position he was in Bergeron was not a direct scoring threat instead attempting to clear the puck. Instead with his back turned to Randy Jones as he moved to snow plow stop and clear the puck back up the boards, he was vulnerable. Every coach expects their players to follow through on their checks, it’s part of their job and something everyone understands. BUT there comes a time in a game, in some circumstances when a player knows the person they are tracking, intending to check is vulnerable and to follow through on their check could result in a serious injury to the opposition.

While this understanding and the follow through come in split seconds, hockey players are decision makers, and the game they play relies on this quick thinking all the time. Players need to remember, as most do though, that following through is not worth it in these situations where such a high risk of injury exists and the seriousness of the injury that may eventuate, is such. (OH wow. That Really does sound law studenty.)

I’m just thankful however after everything, that it only (and it is so rare when we can say something is ONLY) a concussion and a broken nose. Seeing the video, hearing what had happened, that he’d been unconscious for 15 minutes, that they’d had to cut his jersey and gear off, tape his hands and legs together to stop them flopping was truly terrifying not just for me as a Bergeron fan, but I believe for anyone who loves the game of hockey and good young talent.

And Bergeron is good young talent. There are only two players Younger than Bergeron with more points. Their names.

Crosby. Ovechkin. The kid is good.

And I pray, He will continue to be good.

I could continue to type here and explain why I’m a Bergeron fan, (the factual reasons or the true pathetic reason involving a funny limited English interview at youngstars), how much he gives to the community (his parents were in town to see the game and go to a dinner Tuesday night where he was being honoured as the Childrens Hospital of Boston’s Champion (an award given to the Boston area athlete who has given the most back to the community and it’s children).

All in All. He’s a class act for a guy who’s just gone 22.

Get Better Soon Bergy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Brisbane Bluetongues

If one ignores the lack of naturally frozen surfaces in our country, Ice Hockey seems to be an incredibly Australian sport. Not only is it fast and highly skilled, but the players routinely flatten each other into the ice, the boards and often each other.

Well They’re a unique bunch to say the least. Through out the season I’ve had the chance to get to know the team, on and off the ice. From the too cool Tyrone Garner, who lists his biggest secret as being a black hockey player and finds Kangaroos extremely exciting, to the extremely talkative Josh Sands, the only player to have his name on a seat in the penalty box, the team covers both ends of the spectrum. The team’s youngest member, Alex Hall, a scrawny blonde kid who looks like he’d be more at home in the water rather than on the ice, plays on the Australian Youth Team as does his Brisbane teammate and the team’s back-up goalie, Brenton Cooney.

The team hail from all over as well, many coming here for a season or two from Canada, while others having come to Australia, never left, ending up Australian citizens as well as members of the Bluetongues. Occasional goalie Milan Novysedlak hails from Slovakia and now a permanent citizen is helping grow hockey within the area, training local players into the Bluetongues of the future.

Mike Gough (reportedly the long lost brother of Team Captain Mark Rummakinen) was born here in Australia, but grew up in Canada, where he learnt the game, playing at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he shared a line with Jon Kress, another Canadian member of the team.

The pride of the Bluetongues this season however, is Matt Amado, a graduate of Notre Dame College in Indiana. The league leading scorer, 23 year old Amado who hails from Langley in British Columbia, was third in team scorer last season with the Chicago Hounds of the UHL. It hasn’t taken Amado long though to settle in here in Australia, providing a one two punch with Martin Pacquet that many teams are finding hard to combat.

Within Australian players, the team features Mark Rummakinen, a Canberra based player who after being sent to Brisbane for work, joined the team here and now flies up for every set of game (the teams home games always played in sets of two due to the distance travelling team’s must cover). He also reports for duty on a regular basis as a member of the Australian Ice Roo’s (now coached by ex-NHL’er Steve McKenna another Canadian who arrived and never left).

There’s so much more that could be said about this motely crew such as their love of simpsons marathons on the road, Mark Smith’s wicked sense of humor, Johnny Bale and the Las Vegas cap that he matches with everything, Mike Gough’s stomach, and the imported boys love of cheap goon.

But I’ll leave that for another day.

For now, that is the Brisbane Bluetongues, Brisbane’s AIHL team, and the number one team in my heart.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crossed from HLOG

Originally posted over at HLOG I figured I'd cross post it here just so I don't have to think of another way to analyse the Bruins trade.

So there's movements in BeanTown.

Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau (both UFA at seasons end) have been traded to Calgary for Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew.

Kobasew is a young, speedy winger that is improving each year. Last year he had alot of individual effort garbage goals, and this year he brings alot of energy, hitting, and is willing to go to the tough areas to score goals. Flames fans are nervous he will bite us in the behind like Savard and St. Louis have in the future.

As for Ference, as i said, hes very underated. He's extremely strong for his size, and is very intense. He is prone to the occasional hiccup in his own zone (although those have been very rare the past year), and can run the pp and distribute the puck at the point well. He also knows how to get the puck to the net, and is one of the best community guys on the team and the most down to earth guy on the team.

From HFBoards, the analogy of a Flames fan (one who actually took the time to be coherent amongst all the bruins fan's exclamatory posts and calling for Chiarelli or Chiapets head).

For the Flames, Stuart and Primeau are effectively rentals and while a myriad of Bruins fans are screaming blue murder (the belief we could have got MORE for Stuart) I think it's a reasonably fair trade. No team is going to part with a blue chip top quality defenseman for a guy like Stuart, because even though he is probably out number 2 Dman, there is no guarantee for the team that Stuart will in fact stay with them any longer than the end of the season. While Primeau has been valuable on the team's energy line Kobasew does bring a 20 goal season and the possibility to grow into a high quality winger.

The thing is are they going to be used positively? Lewis from what I've heard so far (and i say this with respect because I"M not an NHL coach) is having issues using players in their right roles.

I'm majorly psyched though about Andy Ference coming to the team. As the Flames poster said, he's a huge team player, and I think he'll be great in the Bruins dressing room. His playoff performances have been huge, and he's definitely a come on guys follow me person. We need that.

Any way. Later people.

Oh and today's prediction record.
Bruins won. I said Islanders - 0 to me (And i'm so happy for it to be ZERO)
Buffalo Won. I said buffalo - 1 to me!
Penguins won. I said penguins 2 to me! GO JORDAN STAAL!
Ottawa won. I said Ottawa. 3 to me!
Philly won. I said St Louis. 3 to me. (More than happy for this as well)
Rangers won. I said rangers. 4 to me. (Ovy did score though)
LA won. I said Nashville. 4 to me. (YAY FOR NASHVILLE LOOSING)
Florida won. I said Phoenix. 4 to me. (Eh I just like Boynton)
Minnesota won. I said Carolina. 4 to me.
Vancouver. are going to win (unless Kovy gets a rocket up his....)
So out of 11 games I get 4 right.

Eh. I think i'll stick to the east Conference from now on. I know those teams.

Update, 11:10pm EST: They just spoke with Peter Maher on the phone and he was able to tell us how the team was waiting on the bus to go to the airport. He thought something must be happening and Rich Preston took Andrew Ference off the bus to tell him of the trade.

From double d(ion) All i can think of reading that is. I wonder how many watched through the windows as they broke the news to him.

Costa Nostro!

Today, for random fun I'm going to see how many games I can correctly guess the outcome.

Now I'm not going goals here, I can't do that. Ha.. I'm just going Win Loss

Islanders V Boston - Okay so both teams are slightly sucktastic ATM. BUT I love LOVE the Bruins. But I'm a realist. I say Islanders.
Calgary v Buffalo - Buffalo
Pittsburgh V Toronto - I want to say Toronto because I <3 them but. Penguins. They downed Nashville last week it gives me faith.
Ottawa V Montreal. Ottawa. And Pat Eaves you better be scoring me a goal.
St Louis V Philadelphia. Oh Man it's like the battle of the bottom. I'm saying St Louis. They're on a roll at the moment.
Rangers v Washington - Rangers slaughtered the Bolts.. Yesterday?? Yes SO they're pretty fired up. I'm going to say Rangers unless Ovechkin suddenly turns back up.
Phoenix Florida - Either way really. I'll say Phoenix.
Los Angeles Nashville - Nashville. Hands down (I don't mind being wrong though)
Carolina Minnesota - Pretty even match up if you look in the standings but Carolina has been inconsistent as of late (Hey they lost to the bruins, then slaughtered them) I'm going to say Carolina
Atlanta Vancouver - Gooooooooo THRASH. After the pounding of the Avs they'll be pretty happy and un a roll ish so I'm hoping they can keep winning.

And I'm pretty happy Dallas beat Anahiem. It's making up for the sharks sucking if the Ducks lose. Jussi Jokinen. That kid is money.

THe bruins are already down a goal. I give up *throws hands up*

Ohh Jeff Tambellini. Didn't know he was in the Nhl now. I remember him 2004 WJC team.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Embrace your freakishly TALL captain.

There's probably someone taller than him!

Like SHAQ?

Got Playoffs?

I'm loving the got playoffs image. It just cracks me up and it's so good to see the Thrash positive about getting there and making it. Positivity breads success.

Because I'm a sheep and all the other wonderful ladies at HLOG have done it. Here's the hockey MEME.

Team: .. OH man. Let’s take half of Boston Half of the sharks the thrash the leafs and stick them in….. CANADA… and we can be… the.. ROCKY RAIDERS (ehe club name. )

Uniform number: 89. The year of my birth. And because 8 + 9 = 17 and mmmm KOVY!

Position: Goalie - I’m small, agile, flexibile, slightly demented, lighting fast, and can throw myself around with a complete lack of regard for physical safety.

Nickname: Sasquatch. The Short YETI.

Dream linemates: Hmm. Well as I don’t get LINE mates. Up front I’d have Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuk.. And oh to hell with it BERGY! On D, CHRISTIAN EHRHOFFFFFF and…. Joni Pitkanen

Rounding out the PP:
Jordy Staal, just so I can laugh at the hair and lost, doe eyed expressions, Brad Boyes to have intelligent conversation with (the guy is seriously SMART, then again the kid of two teachers) and love the dimples. Matty Stajan, of the blue blue eyes, even worse hair, and geeked out ghetto moments. Hal Gill would be in the somewhere, thumping some people.

Job: Stop the puck. Umm.. Beyond that. Yell at the team when they’re not doing the right thing or screening me. Check them before they go places to make sure they’re dressed in accordance to the team’s good taste guidelines (set out by me!). Advise on haircuts, clothing purchases, and any beauty areas that they need help in!

Signature move:
The hair toss.

Great hair. Fast Reflexes. Good fashion sense. Rubber flexibility. Bubbly personality.

Gets angry with stupid people easily. Gets distratcted by shiny things easily. Easily Crushable

Injury Problems:
Head and Joint problems like any goalie. Rib problems from being sat on.

Equipment: Hot PINK and Silver pads, Or black and silver, depending on my hair colour. Black helmet with a tiara and ribbons painted onto it. (the Actual future design on my REAL helmet).

Nemesis: The people that sell my boys bad CLOTHES. Players girlfriends that want to buy them HIDEOUS CLOTHING and encourage them to wear it. The opposing goalie because I would CHASE THEM down. Puckbunnys (NOT fan girls Yay for Fangirls)

Scandal involvement:

Lewd internet photos. Yep
Being a flirt. Definatley
Public fighting in people’s defense? Oh yeah.
Misuse of the Stanley Cup for lewd photos? Bring it on!
Cat fights with Bunnys? Oh yeah
Who I'd face in the Stanley Cup Finals: OH Dear. We’d take on… Lots of people because yes we are amazing and would be there lots. We’d make some last minute losses until we finally pull through after a few years and HAVE our victory parade.

What I'd do with the Stanley Cup after our victory:
Tasfully nekkid photos with the cup. (OH YOU KNOW YOU DREAM OF IT)

Would the media love me or hate me:
The media would love me. I’d give smart witty comments, or atleast talk without using the same old hockey analogies over and over again (Brad Boyes is really interesting like this to listen too. You can tell the smarts). The media department would love me because I’d be more than willing to pose for pictures, and do anything they wanted. Attention whore much?

And for anyone who knows cricket. GRAH YOU PAUL COLLINGWOOD

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

mama look at me!

The Feburary 2nd blog, Rubber Biscuit.

#26 is the one I told you about from down under. (I lived there for six months a long time ago, and this guy even writes with an Australian accent.)

Is there anyway, those of us who don't get NESN (not because we don't want it!) because we're in Australia Can get to see Rubber Biscuit? (More than just the occasional NESN Tidbit). People keep telling me about the show ( it's almost a form of torture) and all the stuff on it and yet I can't see it!..
Sasky, the Aussie Bruins Fan.
P.S. Love ya work.

Good on ya Sasky. Check for tidbits of the Biscuit on-line. Then "NESN Shows" pull-down, click Rubber Biscuit.

*preeen* I'm just wondering though however, how someone can assume that SASKY? is a guys name. I wouldn't I mean it doesn't sound masculine, but it makes me wonder if the Author of the page (Rubber Biscuit's Rob Simpson) merely assumes that all contributors are male.

I want to add more to this which I might just do but Currently It's time to visit the doctor for the 3 weeks our of hospital with possible appendicitis but we don't really know WHAT check up!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The showed the Toronto Maple Leafs playing the Rangers today and I was oh so very happy. I love the leafs, Matt Stajan being the first hockey player (in his rookie season) I <3'd. Then it became Stevie Y but Matty always had a special place in my affections.

During the game though, I found my "it's called bruins" (which seemingly is now a synonym for sucktastic and frustrating. Holla to the pittsburgh fans, who have been so strong during .. them. Does this mean we're going to get a Fleury, Malkin, Crosby or Staal?) shirt that Heather got given for free at a bruins game, and sent to me, and I shrunk it. I wear the shirt to sleep in occasionally but I really wanted to wear it out more as I <3 it and want to show my bruins pride to the world (even though).

So that's the shirt now! All cute and fitted!

Back to the leafs game.

High points for me.

- Hal Gill Actually looks like a tree. They showed him standing next to Andy raycroft and i swear they were both as wide. Huge shoulders! It's like a skating tree.
- Andy Ray on fire is awesome. The left? pad save on.. I think Shanahan Was just nuts. The positioning, the reflexes was so good.
-Henrik Lundqvist is also a pleasure to watch when he's on fire.
- Watching Hal Gill take on Jagr, I could see the almost brute strength he was using to keep him off the puck, but none of it seemed blatantly Dirty. I don't think he has a reputation as that either, just one big guy!
- Lex Steen Jeff O'Neill and Matt Stajan, while they didn't score, impressed me on the power play.
-Nick Antropov needs NOT to skate with his head down.

Man sleep time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a change of residence

Also in another note AS in three weeks I move to a place so so close to a hockey rink I have decided to change my name. I am now Five for Writing a Name I've used on previous hockey writing ventures!

And this is for the lovely Kriste at Double D(ion), home of the STARE.


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