Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My NHL has The Youth Brigade as it's Poster Boys

At 18 most of us are faced with responsibility. Leaving home for the first time, going to college or university, getting full time employment.

If your Sidney Crosby however your job’s a lot easier.

Play hockey a couple of thousand kilometers for home (however getting played a couple of hundred thousand for this), for a team that can’t buy a win and save the NHL while your at it.

Also if it’s possible break the scoring records of the greatest hockey player in the games extensive history.

No pressure man. No pressure.

Sidney Crosby’s arrival in Pittsburgh coincided with the NHL’s attempt at a fan base rebirth after the conclusion of the lockout, the most effective killing of a major league sport ever seen.

What’s better to head this campaign than a good looking 18 year old with mad skills?

Sidney Crosby is a marketing man’s wet dream. Kid’s love him because of his youth . Women love him for his good looks (maybe that s just me). Grandmother’s love him for his charm and mild manners. But of all of this, everyone young and old, male and female, love his amazing skill and passion for the game.

When the NHL has players like Sidney Crosby, Patrice Bergeron, Eric Staal, Zach Parise, Dion Phaneuf and Antoine Vermette all young and up and coming and rather yes good looking players why are they reverting to these MY NHL ads which while yes looking sexy aren’t about hockey.

Market. At teenagers. Teenagers are by far the easiest influenced group in today’s society and having now more disposable money than ever before we’ve got money to burn on tickets and team related stuff (unless your me and live no where near anything hockey related).

Teenagers love violence, love speed, love skill and love flash and hockey’s got that all. We love people that are famous or successful that we can associate with. The youth brigade have this. Teenager’s are going to want to go to games and watch them, bring there parents take there friends and the expansion grows.

Hopefully, after one game they’ll be hooked, and the millions of little eteeny boppers will spread the sport. Teens grow up, get married, have kids. Kids love hockey and soooooooooo it evolves!

And now I’m rambling so I’m going to finish up.

Roster Pics of the Day!

Ray Emery - Oh yeah. What you looking at?

That’s not fair. How can anyone have a hot roster pic?

The first.

So last night in that hour and a half gap between crawling into bed and getting to sleep, I kept thinking about hockey (as you do if your me and there's a million hockey pics behind your bed.)

He might not be the next Wayne Gretzky or the next Mario (if i could spell his last name confidently). But There is one thing he and everyone can promise you.

He will be the very first and only Sidney Crosby.

Endnote - Why this sudden Crosby spammage... because i'm reading a hell of a lot on him from friends journals. And he's 18. I'm only 16 and half. Associate. Hell of a player. Cute too!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Morning

This is how sunday morning's should be for me. Sitting around in the air conditioning, doing my homework, enjoying the sunshine through the window and listening to the Bruins play Ottawa.

This would only be better if I could actually watch the Bruins play Ottawa but hey begger's can't be chosers.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The puck drops now.

Puck drop in T minus 24 minutes.

So in this. The season of the fans.

Let the game begin.

Sasky, who will be in legal class when the puck drops but has managed to skyve out of maths tut to listen to the Bruins/Habs game on the school computer.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hell hath no fury

They say Hell Hath No Fury like a women scorned

Well, hell I have some fury.

Fox and Espn have decided after a 16 month hiatus from our TV screens the NHL shall not return.

Atleast not in this holiest of months, October, when the ice is layed and once again our heros and the legends cut their tracks on the way to the cup.

Who will win the cup this year?

My bets either the Flyers, the Senators or *prays* maybe the Bruins. I'd love the leafs to but there would have to be some major praying for that to work and i simply don't have that much time.

Who'll be the leading scorer?

Watch out for the likes of Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley, on a line these two have proven to be a killer combination so far. Brandon B**ski (hey i can't spell it, can you?) could quite possible be at the front of the running for the Calder Cup, if he keeps on a line with these guys, their playmaking prowess benefitting the youngster.

Another suprise is the flyer's Jon Sim. Sim, a Nova Scotia native, previously won a Cup with Dallas, and has spent some time with both the Stars, the Kings, Nashville and the Penguins. Utah loaned him to the Phantoms at the start of the AHL season where hewas the teams leading scorer and in +/- with a +29. So far this season, Sim has done everything in his power to show the Flyer's that he's a player you want to keep around and with 8 goals in 7 pre season games, more goals then any other season he's played already, he might just be along for the ride.

Top Goalie this year

This one's practically wide open. In my mind Martin Brodeur is the top goalie around but now with the demise of the Devil's stronge defense core, his skills are going to be put to the test. The dominance of the Ottawa Senator's forward pack might far outshine any play of Dominik Hasek. Andrew Raycroft will be looking to up the ante on his Calder Cup winning effort last season, with another year at the elite elvel in the Finnish League. This year's running for the Vezina, seems to be wide open so who ever would like it, step forward and plead your case.

Time to go back to school work.


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