Thursday, January 31, 2008

From a Boston Herald Article

It appears Patrice Bergeron’s chance of playing again this season dwindled almost to nil, and some teammates privately question whether the center will be ready at the start of next season.

Besides the part of my brain that goes... oihfdaoish Bergy. (Being the card carrying Biggest Bergeron geek anywhere outside of Boston) what I want to know is.

How does this journalist know the private thoughts of the Boston Bruins players to report such questions? If he does, why does he not share more thoughts? Like Phil Kessel's favourite method of getting his shaggy hair cat (hedge clippers)? Can Zdeno Chara touch his toes? And what does Wacey Rabbitt actually think of his name? (My bets on him being kinda pissed off at his parents for it).

But if in fact he doesn't know their private thoughs, as I suspect he doesn't because they are in fact private and he is in fact probably not a mind reader (if he was he would have known such thoughts and doubts were private because they were not in fact intended to be aired in public) then why does he report it as such when it is clearly NOT TRUE.

*stays true to the bergy love*