Monday, September 19, 2005

Tomorrow, really needs to just be over.

Tomorrow i leave for National Competition for Inline Hockey. To keep this coherent i'll explain ni point form why i'm kinda dreading it.

1. I've only played 2 games in my leg pads.
2. I won't have played for over a week and a half when i first do.
3. I'm playing up a division from last year.
4. My team sucks.
5. I'm going to kill my dumb bitch of a team mate if she doesn't stop her also hockey playing boyfriend from interferring with the team's business in which he doesn't happen to be involved.
6. I'm 5 foot tall. Everyone else.. isn't.

I guess you know. Go out. Play your best. Give it all you got.
I guess i get small comfort from knowing Mark say's he's nervous to I'm not nervous though. I"M DOWN RIGHT PETRIFIED.

And onto NHL hockey.

Andy Raycroft was at his first day of camp the other day. About time Sir Andrew of Raycroft, got on his horse back to town, love the guy and i still reckon the Bruins probably are underpaying him, but atleast that set of anxious nerves are out of the way. If only they'd sign Boynton now I'd be a LOT LESS ANXIOUS.

Bergeron's reported to have put on about 11 pounds since last season, so i'm looking forward to hearing how he goes when they start preseason on Tuesday (wednesday mornign here) against.. Pittsburgh? And why don't the bruins have training camp photos! But yeah. I'm all of the firm belief if Pat, keeps on working hard, like he has.. he could very well end up.. a Thornton -esque player... It seems entirely possible to me (but hey then what do I KNOW) after watching him playing wjc.. the.. skills make me go WOAH.

BTW, Sir Andrew of Raycroft I know Koho is now owned by RBK but could you please wear the RBK pads so i can feel slightly awesoem cause our's look the same. Thank you? or are you and they just aren't showing the new pictures on the bruins site. *Goes to track down*

OH LOOK HE DOES! thank youv ery much... to Jaci's site (which is here ) Which happened to have a nice shiny photo of Rayray in his nice new RBK gear which looks exactly like my leg pads (mine were just a LOT CHEAPER even if they did cost me 750 Aus).

Further Notes from Bruins Stuff from what i've heard and seen.

-Brad Boyes looks positivly pinchable.. those cheeks god damn kewpie doll i swear!
-Jonathan Girard - Le Miracule... from what they say. I know i'll cheer for him. We all will.
-Oh look Brown has pretty RBK"S tooo... can we tell i'm so in love with the gear?
-The rbk helmets aren't so pretty they loko... lumpish. (oh must rememer to find my jack stickers for our helmets)
- The siglet's confuse me!

What else.. hmm... Does anyknow have more photos of Alex Bourret in pink? cause i hear there's another one of him around here somewhere winning an award in another pink shirt. possibly the same as the draft.

And now.. I go. The odd thing is flying to a tournament. This is weird for me. Also funny is that my brother (also competing) and i have 5 bags two suitcases and a lap top and my parents ahve a suitcase each. Ha forhockey gear!


The Acid Queen said...

Hello Sasky dahling. :D

Sasky said...

Camille dahling so nice to see you!