Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 5 of Camp

There are two guarantees at a national tournament.

Invariably there will be drama, often caused by conflicting personalities and the impact of being stuck together for prolonged amounts of time. Girls will be girls and girls in team situations always seem to end up messy. So far this week (Day 5 of a 10 day trip) there have been 3 screaming bitch fights, 2 crying episodes, 3 injuries and through all of this I have chosen to be Swiss. That’s right. Neutral. The advantage of staying with my mother is that I am never there when the situation explodes within their room, instead I can watch from across the hotel, through the glass window. Good quality entertainment though.

The second guarantee is that Queensland will also invariably suck. Look at our geographic location. Now pause and reflect on the size of all other states. Wa does not have a problem as all clubs are situated in the one city; all other states actually have team training sessions on a regular basis prior to actually coming to compete. We however do not have that luxury.

Currently I am playing for a women’s team and until I arrived at the competition I had not actually met four of my team members, including the goalkeeper I am backing up. It’s frustrating to say the least, and when our teams get as trounced as we do it’s hard not to be disheartened when you put so much effort in for no returns.

In other news one of my team mates (Queensland team not Girls team) bought a Dallas stars jersey (odd since I though the store only sold leafs ones, using the assumption that everyone is a Maple leafs fan) and I chased him around suggesting he find a better team. I don’t actually know how the stars are doing in pre-season having not seen any of their scores.

In other news…. Of a more NHL variety.

Congratulations go to Sidney Crosby for scoring his first NHL Point! Vs the bruins.

I’d also like to extend the congratulations to his World Junior teammate Patrice Bergeron who scored two goals in the game and still managed to be completely ignored. Good work kid.

Also… Dear the Mike’s of Bruins Brass.

Boston Bruins – Nick Boynton = ARE YOU STUPID? Or do I have to draw you a picture?

Hm.. What else.

Kudo’s to the Blue Jackets for beating Detroit in over time the other day. I like Detroit but it’s good to see the jackets get the win. I’ve got hope for these guys this year if all goes well!
Any way.. I better go. I have cookies to bake… and Under 14’s to deliver them to in my crusade to make everyone happier after their losses.


P.S. My boyfriend’s captaining the Senior Men and the under 20’s teams here at nationals and Him and his brother are scoring some awesome highlight reel goals. Pity however the refs here suck and he’s forver arguing with them.

P.P.S. I saw the most perfect Sidney Crosby – Wolverine hockey lacrosse esque goal the other day. PERFECT. Got disallowed though. No one’s exactly sure why but it looked like totally legit. Wasn’t in the crease. Wasn’t above shoulder goal height. Absolutely amazing though.

For real. Later.


Oh! One last thing I managed to make the guy at the hockey store here think I’m a hockey nerd after out facting one of the boys in an argument over Sidney Crosby’s RBK deal and Sherwood sticks. The guy’s like Woah… and Vinnie pipes up that no one’s ever out nerded me here for hockey facts. It’s awesome.

Final Note. If you’re in Melbourne, Until Saturday get out to the Springers Leisure Centre in Keysborough for some awesome inline actions! GO THE MAROONS


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