Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hell hath no fury

They say Hell Hath No Fury like a women scorned

Well, hell I have some fury.

Fox and Espn have decided after a 16 month hiatus from our TV screens the NHL shall not return.

Atleast not in this holiest of months, October, when the ice is layed and once again our heros and the legends cut their tracks on the way to the cup.

Who will win the cup this year?

My bets either the Flyers, the Senators or *prays* maybe the Bruins. I'd love the leafs to but there would have to be some major praying for that to work and i simply don't have that much time.

Who'll be the leading scorer?

Watch out for the likes of Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley, on a line these two have proven to be a killer combination so far. Brandon B**ski (hey i can't spell it, can you?) could quite possible be at the front of the running for the Calder Cup, if he keeps on a line with these guys, their playmaking prowess benefitting the youngster.

Another suprise is the flyer's Jon Sim. Sim, a Nova Scotia native, previously won a Cup with Dallas, and has spent some time with both the Stars, the Kings, Nashville and the Penguins. Utah loaned him to the Phantoms at the start of the AHL season where hewas the teams leading scorer and in +/- with a +29. So far this season, Sim has done everything in his power to show the Flyer's that he's a player you want to keep around and with 8 goals in 7 pre season games, more goals then any other season he's played already, he might just be along for the ride.

Top Goalie this year

This one's practically wide open. In my mind Martin Brodeur is the top goalie around but now with the demise of the Devil's stronge defense core, his skills are going to be put to the test. The dominance of the Ottawa Senator's forward pack might far outshine any play of Dominik Hasek. Andrew Raycroft will be looking to up the ante on his Calder Cup winning effort last season, with another year at the elite elvel in the Finnish League. This year's running for the Vezina, seems to be wide open so who ever would like it, step forward and plead your case.

Time to go back to school work.


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