Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So i don't go that easy

Woah. It's been over a month since I updated and that's because life has been pushing the side of crazy.

To start it all off i got inspired and bleached my hair. bad idea. Blonde is not my colour and cacky blonde even less so.

I spent 10 days away at a hippie/music festival at Woodford in SE QLD, which was awesome.

Soon after that I had a 3 day stint in the hospital, and as pretty much incapacitated for 9 days before and after that.

About this time i got fed up with my hair and ended up with Bright Pink hair as you can see in my new profile picture

I spent 4 days away at the BIG DAY OUT (greatest single day music festival in Australia Killers, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Jet, Eskimo Joe, Lily Allen and more..) and looking into housing.

I got accepted into University so come February 19th not only will i be 30 minutes from the nearest ice hockey rink (and Australian Hockey League team) but I will be studying a double degree in Arts/Law at the University of Queensland, one of the top 3 uni's in australia!

Hee what more could you want? A pink haired, hockey loving, opinionated laywer/arts girl who will speak french and sew her own clothes. Well atleast that's what I will be when I finish the degree. Ooh and I joined cheerleading *facepalm*

I've done a lot of sewing as well, packing up my life, and sorting out family crisis. All in a days work!

But to hockey.

Tonight as the first bruins game I've seen on TV... since... I haven't SEEN a bruins game since the season opener V Montreal last season. And they lost that too. But in OT(I THINK? on a mikey ryder goal)

Tonights was so far from it. Tonights game looked like a bunch of PEEWEE hockey kids frantically chasing around an opponent as they gradually got outskilled into submission. IT hurt me to watch, and it made my dad ask my why i was a fan of them (BECAUSE ONE DAY THEY WILL BE GREAT).

It's so frustrating not be able to see games and make comments on here they could improve.

Today's game there was some horrid defensive plays. I adore Milan Jurcina but tonight, I wanted to take a skate to him, just in the hope it would beat some sense into him.

One person who I did appreciate though in tonights game was Marc Savard. Being the first time I've seen Saavy play, I really did get an appreciation about what every one has been talking about, the amount of effort and determination he seems to put into each game. As an annoyed and disappointed bruins fan it was truley great to say.

Anything else on the matter I think i'll leave to my next post as currently I am too tired (verging on midnight) to make much sense.

Later! - Sasky

Bruins Jersey Love!

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