Tuesday, February 06, 2007

mama look at me!

The Feburary 2nd blog, Boston.com/ Rubber Biscuit.

#26 is the one I told you about from down under. (I lived there for six months a long time ago, and this guy even writes with an Australian accent.)

Is there anyway, those of us who don't get NESN (not because we don't want it!) because we're in Australia Can get to see Rubber Biscuit? (More than just the occasional NESN Tidbit). People keep telling me about the show ( it's almost a form of torture) and all the stuff on it and yet I can't see it!..
Sasky, the Aussie Bruins Fan.
P.S. Love ya work.

Good on ya Sasky. Check for tidbits of the Biscuit on-line. NESN.com Then "NESN Shows" pull-down, click Rubber Biscuit.

*preeen* I'm just wondering though however, how someone can assume that SASKY? is a guys name. I wouldn't I mean it doesn't sound masculine, but it makes me wonder if the Author of the page (Rubber Biscuit's Rob Simpson) merely assumes that all contributors are male.

I want to add more to this which I might just do but Currently It's time to visit the doctor for the 3 weeks our of hospital with possible appendicitis but we don't really know WHAT check up!

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