Friday, February 09, 2007

Got Playoffs?

I'm loving the got playoffs image. It just cracks me up and it's so good to see the Thrash positive about getting there and making it. Positivity breads success.

Because I'm a sheep and all the other wonderful ladies at HLOG have done it. Here's the hockey MEME.

Team: .. OH man. Let’s take half of Boston Half of the sharks the thrash the leafs and stick them in….. CANADA… and we can be… the.. ROCKY RAIDERS (ehe club name. )

Uniform number: 89. The year of my birth. And because 8 + 9 = 17 and mmmm KOVY!

Position: Goalie - I’m small, agile, flexibile, slightly demented, lighting fast, and can throw myself around with a complete lack of regard for physical safety.

Nickname: Sasquatch. The Short YETI.

Dream linemates: Hmm. Well as I don’t get LINE mates. Up front I’d have Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuk.. And oh to hell with it BERGY! On D, CHRISTIAN EHRHOFFFFFF and…. Joni Pitkanen

Rounding out the PP:
Jordy Staal, just so I can laugh at the hair and lost, doe eyed expressions, Brad Boyes to have intelligent conversation with (the guy is seriously SMART, then again the kid of two teachers) and love the dimples. Matty Stajan, of the blue blue eyes, even worse hair, and geeked out ghetto moments. Hal Gill would be in the somewhere, thumping some people.

Job: Stop the puck. Umm.. Beyond that. Yell at the team when they’re not doing the right thing or screening me. Check them before they go places to make sure they’re dressed in accordance to the team’s good taste guidelines (set out by me!). Advise on haircuts, clothing purchases, and any beauty areas that they need help in!

Signature move:
The hair toss.

Great hair. Fast Reflexes. Good fashion sense. Rubber flexibility. Bubbly personality.

Gets angry with stupid people easily. Gets distratcted by shiny things easily. Easily Crushable

Injury Problems:
Head and Joint problems like any goalie. Rib problems from being sat on.

Equipment: Hot PINK and Silver pads, Or black and silver, depending on my hair colour. Black helmet with a tiara and ribbons painted onto it. (the Actual future design on my REAL helmet).

Nemesis: The people that sell my boys bad CLOTHES. Players girlfriends that want to buy them HIDEOUS CLOTHING and encourage them to wear it. The opposing goalie because I would CHASE THEM down. Puckbunnys (NOT fan girls Yay for Fangirls)

Scandal involvement:

Lewd internet photos. Yep
Being a flirt. Definatley
Public fighting in people’s defense? Oh yeah.
Misuse of the Stanley Cup for lewd photos? Bring it on!
Cat fights with Bunnys? Oh yeah
Who I'd face in the Stanley Cup Finals: OH Dear. We’d take on… Lots of people because yes we are amazing and would be there lots. We’d make some last minute losses until we finally pull through after a few years and HAVE our victory parade.

What I'd do with the Stanley Cup after our victory:
Tasfully nekkid photos with the cup. (OH YOU KNOW YOU DREAM OF IT)

Would the media love me or hate me:
The media would love me. I’d give smart witty comments, or atleast talk without using the same old hockey analogies over and over again (Brad Boyes is really interesting like this to listen too. You can tell the smarts). The media department would love me because I’d be more than willing to pose for pictures, and do anything they wanted. Attention whore much?

And for anyone who knows cricket. GRAH YOU PAUL COLLINGWOOD

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