Sunday, February 11, 2007

Costa Nostro!

Today, for random fun I'm going to see how many games I can correctly guess the outcome.

Now I'm not going goals here, I can't do that. Ha.. I'm just going Win Loss

Islanders V Boston - Okay so both teams are slightly sucktastic ATM. BUT I love LOVE the Bruins. But I'm a realist. I say Islanders.
Calgary v Buffalo - Buffalo
Pittsburgh V Toronto - I want to say Toronto because I <3 them but. Penguins. They downed Nashville last week it gives me faith.
Ottawa V Montreal. Ottawa. And Pat Eaves you better be scoring me a goal.
St Louis V Philadelphia. Oh Man it's like the battle of the bottom. I'm saying St Louis. They're on a roll at the moment.
Rangers v Washington - Rangers slaughtered the Bolts.. Yesterday?? Yes SO they're pretty fired up. I'm going to say Rangers unless Ovechkin suddenly turns back up.
Phoenix Florida - Either way really. I'll say Phoenix.
Los Angeles Nashville - Nashville. Hands down (I don't mind being wrong though)
Carolina Minnesota - Pretty even match up if you look in the standings but Carolina has been inconsistent as of late (Hey they lost to the bruins, then slaughtered them) I'm going to say Carolina
Atlanta Vancouver - Gooooooooo THRASH. After the pounding of the Avs they'll be pretty happy and un a roll ish so I'm hoping they can keep winning.

And I'm pretty happy Dallas beat Anahiem. It's making up for the sharks sucking if the Ducks lose. Jussi Jokinen. That kid is money.

THe bruins are already down a goal. I give up *throws hands up*

Ohh Jeff Tambellini. Didn't know he was in the Nhl now. I remember him 2004 WJC team.


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